JUNE ’20 (Post-Shelter In Place)

Tues 10a – 2p

Wed  Fri 10a – 5p

Sat 10 – 2p


Salon is located at 1305 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308 near Five Star Cleaners located at the corner of Nott St and Oneida St.  Please note that Oneida is a one-way street. Very limited parking is in rear of bldg. Do not drive down driveway near Union Pizza. You are taking a risk.  Please DO NOT park in the Oneida Middle School lot (you will be towed) nor in side parking lot.  That is designated for cleaners but you may park at this lot outside of their business hours. Street parking is also available on neighboring streets.


Retail be pre-paid for pickup directly in the Coiled Salon Store tab.I will follow-up with a text to let you know that your order is ready. You may also stop in at anytime during salon hours to purchase. Delivery and shipping is still available.



  • Upon arrival clients will now be required to have your temperature taken prior to beginning the service. Temperatures that at or above 100.4 will not be able to receive a service.
  • Upon arrival and servicing, clients will be required to wash their hands.
  • Please limit the items you bring with you to your service to one handbag or bag. Please no additional items.
  • Clients will be required to complete our Safe Salon Client Waiver acknowledging they have no current symptoms of COVID-19 and have not traveled or been in contact with person or persons infected with the virus within the past 14 days. Failure to comply with completion of this form, will result in services being denied.



  • As previously practiced, we are now required to schedule by appointment only.
  • Until further notice, we will no longer be allowed to have clients or others waiting in the salon. If someone comes with you, they will be required to wait outside the salon. Absolutely, NO CHILDREN, other than children above the age of 11 being serviced, are permitted. Please allot for 1 adult to accompany child.
  • Clients will be required to wear face mask during your service visit.
  • Service providers will always be wearing face mask and face shield or protective eyewear during your service as required by our State Board.



    • Coiled Salon has been designated a Safe Salon based on executing the following these sanitation and disinfection practices and protocols:
      • Each team member has completed the BARBICIDE Certification Course, BARBICIDE COVID and Milady’s Sanitation Certification for safety, sanitation and disinfection.
      • Use of disinfectants are EPA registered and labeled bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
      • Tools will be disinfected after each client use following manufacturer’s instructions.
      • Tools used that are one-time use must be discarded after each use.
      • All Unnecessary items such as magazines, newspapers, service menus and all other unnecessary paper products have been removed.
      • Sealed and closed cap Beverages will still be available.
      • Retail product may be relocated and retrieved as needed for purchase by clients only. Service provider will have access only.
      • All High Touch areas will be disinfected after each client use. Includes but not all inclusive:
        • Door handles on main entrance and restrooms
        • Restrooms
        • Point of Sale Equipment (Cash and Cards are still accepted.)
        • All client Stations
        • Reception Desk
        • Hand Sanitizer will be available in various areas of the salon for ease of use by client and service provider
    • I will oversee implementation and consistency of all safety and sanitation practices and protocols for myself, my Intern and clients.




    Arrive with hair detangled, free of knots, hairties, “pull-backs”, headbands, ponytails, brush/comb manipulation and hats. Please arrive with hair in its curly state.  1-3 Day Hair should suffice. You may style your hair with current products void of EXCESSIVE oil and silicone-laden products. Your hair will be shaped/cut/trimmed first. See Curlscovery The Experience h2o in the service scheduling description below.


    Little to no prep needed. Please arrive  with hair detangled and loose, free of twists, braids, oils, butters, pomades, leave-in conditioners and other heavy emollient laden products.


    Those that have excessive heat or color damage and/or are transitioning from relaxed, keratin (any smoothing treatment), jherri curls or another chemical treatment that has altererd their pattern MUST send a clear photo of hair in it’s wet state to info@coiledatexturedsalon.com .


    Excessive tangles and knots will carry an additional fee at the rate of $15/15 min… $30/30 min, etc.  If raw oils, butters, pomades, silicones are present, your session may require an Intensive Detoxification treatment at the rate of $75+.  (Final rate is dependent on hair density).



    Those that have not visited within 6 months must schedule the full Curlscovery The Experience H2O appointment. Guests that have visited are able to schedule any service available.  All Curly Cut clients desiring a full service (New, Existing,  and Returning guests) must schedule The Experience as well.


    In rare cases that a service change needs to be made, please contact us directly via email within 72 hours of scheduled appointment. We will try to accommodate you. Owner/Stylist discretion.


    Children (under the age of 9) are no longer serviced at Coiled. These sessions are quite long and quit uncomfortable and can be  traumic. We would like this to be an easygoing, pleasurable experience with smiles at the end for all guests. However, all hope is not lost. Visit the Scheduling Page for the Product Consultation visit that will get you and your child on the right track. This appt is about 10-15 minutes. Adopting foundational practices with the right products and tools will set you as a parent and your child(ren) at ease through the process of preparing them to, one day, be a salon guest. We also have tips for making “Wash Day” fun!


    Your session is in a small and intimate space and a prior guest may be nearing the end of their appointment. Each guest is scheduled for the “one-on-one” experience and it can become VERY distracting and time-consuming when family, friends and children are with you. Children, unfortunately, are not permitted because of free-roaming throughout salon, disturbing parent during appointment and unsafe equipment and salon liability. If your partner is accompanying you with a small child please make arrangements to have them plan to be with child at another location. Prior approval for ONE guest to accompany you is REQUIRED. They MUST be seated in the waiting area. This does not apply to parents assisting their pre-teen/teens during Wash Day. Concurrent scheduling is available for tandem-booking for multiple family-members (above the age of 12). If policy is unable to be met, rescheduling is recommended. POLICY IS ENFORCED (8/05/19)! Please note that 24 hour Cancellation policy applies. 


    Some situations are beyond human control and cancellations may occur outside of 24 hours. Coiled is a specialty salon and there are others that desire to book with us, so please take consideration when cancelling/rescheduling.  A 24 hours advance notice is required for cancellation. You may reschedule at your leisure by going to your appointment confirmation text and/or email. Outside of these hours you will be required to pay 50% of scheduled service(s) rate(s). Multiple consecutive cancellations will not be allowed to re-book.


    Traffic, accidents, stuck at the office, weather, children and family…life, it happens. An allotment of 15 minutes will be given for arrival to your scheduled appointment. After 15 minutes, it is our assumption that the guest is unable to commit to appointment. If you are running extremely late, and we are able to service you, a wait may be required. If we need to reschedule cancellation policy applies. 


    ALL bookings receive an appointment confirmation and multiple automatic appointment reminders. If you need to cancel or reschedule in an emergency, within reason outside of the 24 hour allotment, send us an email to inform us.  “No-Shows” appointments will NOT be permitted to rebook. Please note that you will be charged 100% of your scheduled appointment.