As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, creativity is always at the forefront of my day. My main gig is spent as a Texture Empowerment Consultant. What that means is that I guide women through their journey of healthy and hydrated hair by way of science, education, tools, product selection and  setting a consistent simplified routine. As you and I partner on your journey, our goal is to achieve long-lasting results and take the guessing out of haircare.

On a day outside of the salon you can find me wandering through the isles of a local Fabric, raft or Home Improvement Store, watching DIY Youtube videos or wielding a glue gun. We are all placed on God’s green Earth to bring beauty, happiness and to serve others through our gifts.



Learning to braid at 12 on both Peaches & Cream and Dee Dee from Barbie & The Rockers, and performing Hair Restoration surgery on my Babydoll from my childhood, set the wheels in motion for a career path 25+ years later. A path that I had no idea would bring me to this point in a career. Like many people, there are things that we are passionate about that give us an electric jolt but they don’t necessarily align with our purpose. I knew, at some point, I’d be a back-up dancer for some 90’s R&B Superstar, sew clothing for a living, be the Visual Affects Movie Director of a Blockbuster film or build a few walls in a dream home. Aside from dancing, neither of what remained were things that I was good at.


In 2012 after 9-1/2 years of being a fixture in Cubicle Life as a state worker I decided to step out on faith and relocate. The most challenging feat was not actually moving 1,000 miles away from my home state with an 11 year old son, or being unemployed with numerous job interviews, art school enrollments, an artistic honors scholarship and infeasibility. The challenge was depending solely on my innate, God-given ability by taking 1 step forward and trusting him that he will see me the rest of the way through. With no other options, I stepped, he catipulted me forward and now I’ve been positioned to be of service and put to task to help otherse face challenges of part of their identity… Texture Authenticity.


I’ve been firmly planted as a licensed Cosmetologist since 2015, and Solo-prerneur/owner of a Textured hair salon, Coiled: A Textured Salon, since December 2018. My reach has not stopped at my small city of Schenectady, NY or the surrounding states.  I now serve those who need guidance and strategy Nationwide through Virtual Consultation, my membership site and throughout social media and with gratitude, word-of-mouth.


Hair is my foundation but I am here to help other Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur-Hopefuls fill in the gaps and share my resources and entrepreneurial successes and failures with 1-on-1 sessions. I’d love to help! Go to the “Work With Me” tab abve to book you initial Discovery Call.